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Amsterdam, Netherlands - Taxi fares and info


Finding a taxi

Amsterdam taxi cars aren't painted in any certain colors, but all have rooftop signs and blue license plates. Cabs can be found outside the airport, the central train station, hotels and tourist spots, or you can also hail them from the pavement.

There is usually not a lack of taxis in Amsterdam. Be sure however that you only use official taxis, who are controlled and regulated; you might otherwise end up paying much more than you should.


General taxi fares 

The initial fare is €2,66, and after this you pay maximum €1.95 per kilometer plus €0.32 per minute. Be sure that the taximeter is turned on when your trip starts. The service charge is included in the price, but the taxi driver will usually expect a tip of 5-10% anyway.

Compared with other European cities, Amsterdam taxi fares tend to be quite high.


Airport taxi fares 

Amsterdam Schiphol Airport - Central Amsterdam:
Approx. €42


Other approximate taxi fares

Taxi companies in Amsterdam


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