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Taxi fares and info - Moscow, Russia

General taxi fares

The taxi fare system in Moscow depends on which company you choose; some charge by distance, some by time only, and some companies only offer set rates. Typically, you pay a fixed sum of 115-175 rubles for the first 30 minutes, and then 4-6 rubles per minute.


Finding a taxi

Taxis in Moscow are hard to come by, and are usually only found outside bigger hotels and train stations. Official taxis come in all colors, but are recognized by their large roof taxi signs. 

Trying to flag down a taxi in the street will very likely lead to not only stopping taxis, but also private cars, trying to make some extra money. Although many Russians use these "gypsy cabs" and it's usually a safe practice, it's not recommended: they might try to rip you off. Since they're unregistrered, you've nowhere to turn to afterwards.

When you need a taxi, it's best to order it by phone, and to ask for an approximate price.

Airport taxi fares

Domodedovo International Airport - Central Moscow:
Approx. 1700-2000 rubles

Sheremetyevo International Airport - Central Moscow:
Approx. 1300-1500 rubles

Vnukovo International Airport - Central Moscow:
Approx. 1000 - 1400 rubles. 


Approximate taxi fares

Ride within city centre:
Approx. 200-300 rubles


Taxi companies in Moscow

Tel. 495/981-0881

City Taxi
Tel. 495/225-9225

Taxi 232
tel. 495/232-1111

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