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Taxi fares and info - Rome, Italy

General taxi fares

Taxi fares in Rome are regulated, but quite expensive compared to other European cities. The initial fare is €2.80, and then the taximeter (always make sure that it’s turned on!) adds €0.92 per kilometre. There are also certain extra surcharges; e.g. trips from the Termini train station are €2 extra, and luggage that goes in the trunk is about €1 a piece.

Finding a taxi

With over 6000 taxicabs in Rome, the supply usually meets the demand, with possible exceptions during holidays and special occasions.

Cabs usually can’t be hailed on the streets like in other cities, but are found at taxi stands, where you are expected to get the first one in line. You can also ask the doorman of any large hotel to get one for you (for a tip, of course), or call one of the taxi companies.

Roman taxicabs are white, with a “Commune di Roma” sticker on the side door. Be sure to get hold of a registered (official) taxi, which will save you at least 50% of the fare and lots of trouble. Be aware however that even these taxis may try to relieve you of a few extra euros in different ways.



The taxi drivers in Rome expect a tip of about 10%, depending on the service.


rome taxis

Airport taxi fares in Rome

Rome Ciampino Airport – central Rome: €30

Rome Leonardo da Vinci Fiumicino Airport – central Rome: €40


Other approximate taxi fares

Cabride within central Rome: €8-12

Taxi companies in Rome


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