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Finding a taxi in Barcelona

Taxicabs in Barcelona, on the Spanish east coast, are very easy to spot, as they are all black with yellow doors and trunk. They're similarly easy to catch, with over 11 000 cars seemingly everywhere in the city. At night however, especially when the night clubs close in the morning, you might have to wait a little for your ride.

Taxis can be found at certain taxi stands, waved down almost everywhere, or be booked by calling one of the taxi companies. When the green light on the roof is lit, the taxi's available.

A quite large number of the taxi drivers don't speak English, so make sure you know your destination before you step into the cab.


General taxi fares in Barcelona

Taxis in Barcelona are legally bound to use the taximeter, and if otherwise, ask the driver to turn it on. In fact, if the meter is not on, you're only obliged to pay the minimum fare! You also have the right to get a receipt after your journey; remember to always ask for this, as it is your only proof if you have have any complains afterwards.

The taximeter starts at €2 and then adds €1.10 per kilometer. At night, higher rates apply. There are also surcharges for pets, luggage, etc, at about a euro each, and an extra fee of €3 for trips to and from the airport.


Tipping isn't required, but always welcome by the drivers; as a rule of thumb you typically round up to the next euro. 


Airport taxi fares in Barcelona

Barcelona International Airport (El Prat) - Central Barcelona: Approx €30-35


Other approximate taxi fares in Barcelona



Taxi companies in Barcelona

Tel: 933 577 755 - 933 002 314

Tel: 932 250 000


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