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Taxi fares and info - Paris, France


General taxi fares in Paris

Taxi fares in Paris are regulated, the taximeter always starts at €2.20 and the minimum taxi fare is €5.60. Each kilometer then costs from €0.86-1.35, depending on city zone and time of day.

If you bring luggage, you will be charged extra. Credit cards are usually not accepted. 

Finding a taxi

In Paris, the capital of France, it's fairly easy to get hold of a cab. With over 15 000 cars, the Paris taxi drivers help more than 500 000 customers daily. Taxicabs can be found at the over 740 taxi stations, or hailed on the street.

Note however that taxis aren't allowed to pick up customers within approximately 50 meters from a taxi station, so always try to look for these first.

Taxis are primarily recognized by their white signs on the roofs, and if the sign is lit, the taxi is available. 

You can also order
cabs over the phone, with several companies to choose from, such as Taxis de France and Taxi Bleus. When you order a cab, please remember however that Paris taxi drivers usually won't let you ride in the front, which limits the number of passengers to two or three per car.


Tipping isn't required, but always appreciated, and the usual amount is 10%.

Airport taxi fares

Charles de Gaulle Airport - Central Paris:

Orly Airport - Central Paris:

Orly Airport - Charles de Gaulle Airport:


Other approximate taxi fares

Central Paris - Disneyland Paris:

Taxi companies in Paris


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