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Taxi fares and info - Brussels, Belgium


General taxi fares

The pick-up charge in Brussels taxis is €2.40 during the day and €4.20 at night. After this, you pay about €1.20-2.40 per kilometer. All taxi cars use the taximeter, and the drivers are generally willing to use them.

Taking a taxi in Brussels tend to be quite expensive compared with other European cities.


Finding a taxi

Brussels taxis come in all colors, and are recognized by their roof signs, which are lit when they are available.

Taxis in Brussels can be ordered by phone (find contact details below) or picked up at a taxi stand. It can however be difficult to hail one in the street, since they are not allowed to pick up customers within a distance of 100 meters from any taxi stand. In the city center, taxi stands are very easy to find, though. Most taxi drivers have at least a basic knowledge of English.


In Brussels, the tip is already included in the price. However, it's common to round up the fare to the nearest euro.

Airport taxi fares

Brussels International Airport - Central Brussels:
Approx. €25  if pre-booked, otherwise around €35.


Other approximate taxi fares in Brussels


Taxi companies in Brussels

Taxis Verts:
Tel. +322 349 49 49

Tel. +322 411 12 21


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