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Taxi fares and info - Bangkok, Thailand

General taxi fares

The taximeter in Bangkok taxis will start at 35 baht, and a trip within central Bangkok shouldn't cost much more than 100 baht.

However, be aware of scams. Many tourists arriving in Bangkok end up paying much more for their taxi than they should. Never accept the fixed prices, but always ask the driver to turn on the taximeter, and you will get a much better deal.


Finding a taxi

Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, has an abundance of taxis, and it's almost always an easy task to find one. The problem, however, is to find the right one. Many taxi drivers won't hesitate to try inflate their taxi prices when driving tourists. Therefore, a good advice is to avoid the taxis standing outside the hotels or other tourists spots, and instead flag one down on the street.

Taxicabs in Bangkok come in all colors, and all have roof signs. Many cabs are air-conditioned and often very comfortable. Only choose taxis that will use the taximeter, which usually carry a "TAXI METER"-sign on the roof.

Note that many taxidrivers speak very little or no English, which can make communication tricky. Having your destination written down in Thai is a good advice.


In Thailand, taxi passengers usually don't tip, but you can always round up the price to the nearest 5 or 10 baht, if you feel like it. 

Airport taxi fares in Bangkok

Suvarnabhumi Bangkok International Airport (BKK) - Central Bangkok: 200-400 baht, plus highway tolls of 70 baht


Other approximate taxi fares in and from Bangkok

Bangkok - Pattaya: 1000-1500 baht, including highway tolls

Taxi companies in Bangkok

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