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Finding a taxi in Beijing

Beijing taxi cars are either dark red (old paint) or with a broad yellow stripe along the entire car (new paint). Taxis can be hailed in the street, and are usually easy to find (unless it's raining).

Avoid non-official taxis, who sometime are similarly painted as the official ones, by checking the license plate. All registrated taxis have the letter "B", as the first letter after the initial Chinese sign on the plate. Official taxi drivers also have their I.D. on the dashboard, with their registration number.

Very few of Beijing's (and China's) taxi driver speaks any English, and Chinese names and places names can be very difficult for foreigners to pronounce. Thus, before the taxi ride, have someone help you writing a note stating your destination in Chinese characters. Otherwise, it might prove very difficult communicating with your taxi driver where you want to go. It's also good idea to keep your hotel's name and adress written down on a card, so you don't get lost while finding your way back.

General taxi fares in Beijing

The initial charge is 10 RMB, with every kilometer adding about 2-3 RMB to the taximeter, depending on the size of the taxi. Be sure that the taxi driver uses the taximeter, otherwise tell him or her to do so. Always remember to ask for a receipt, in case you want to make any complaints afterwards or you forgot something in the car. Tipping the driver isn't expected.

Going by taxi in Beijing is generally considered fairly inexpensive by foreigners.


Airport taxi fares in Beijing

Beijing Capital International Airport - Central Beijing:
100-120 RMB

Other approximate taxi fares in Beijing

Average trip within the city:
20-25 RMB

Taxi companies in Beijing 

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