Taxi fares and info - Dublin, Ireland


General taxi fares

Taxi fares in Ireland are regulated by a national standard. The starting cost is €3.80 at day, and €4.10 at night, which covers the first kilometer, and then you pay €0.95-1.65 per extra kilometer. Taxi drivers will almost always have the taximeter turned on, otherwise ask them to do so. Tipping about 10% is expected.

Finding a taxi in Dublin

It can be a little tricky to find a taxi in Dublin, especially during rush hour and late at night. Taxis can either be hailed on the street, picked up 24-7 at one of the numerous taxi stands, or be ordered by phone. There's a maximum of four passengers in the standard cabs, but there are also larger taxis to be found. The roof sign will tell you whether the taxi's available or not.

Airport taxi fares in Dublin

Dublin Airport - Central Dublin:


Other approximate taxi fares

Shorter trips within the city:


Dublin Taxi companies

A to B Cabs
Tel. 01 6772222

Castle Cabs
Tel. 01 8319000

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