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Taxi fares and info - New York, U.S.


General taxi fares

Taxi prices in New York begin at from $2.50 to $3.50, depending on the time of day. After this, the taximeter adds 40 cents for each 1/5 mile.

Be aware that if the taxi passes a toll, it's the passenger who pays for this. Taxis in New York can be paid either in cash or with the most common credit cards. No extra fares for luggage are allowed.

Finding a taxi

Finding a taxi in Manhattan, New York, is never difficult; with over 13,000 taxicabs on the streets, they are virtually found everywhere. Two exceptions to this are when it rains and during shift changes, when they strangely may seem to disappear altogether.

Taxis are easily recognizable by their distinctive, classic yellow color, and taxi signs on the roof.

Taxi cabs can be hailed at almost every sidewalk, just by raising a hand, but there are also special taxi stands spread out around the city. The sign on the roof signals if the taxi's free; if just the center light showing it's number it's lit, the cab is empty and accepting passengers. When the sign is not lit, it's already occupied.

Note that taxis in New York can't be booked in advance; this is however generally not a problem because of their high availabilty. 


When the taxi stops, a tip of about 15-20 percent should be added to the amount, depending on the taxi driver's service level.


ny taxi prices
New York taxis

Airport taxi fares in New York

JFK - Manhattan:
Flat fare of $45, not including tolls and tip.

JFK- Brooklyn downtown:

JFK - Queens (Kew Gardens):

La Guardia - Manhattan:
About $16-$26, not including tolls (about $3) and tip. The ride takes about 20-40 minutes, depending on traffic.

Newark - Manhattan:
About $80, not including tolls (about $5) and tip.

Other approximate taxi fares

For a trip between two Manhattan destinations, expect to pay from $4 to about $25 dollars.

Taxi companies in New York

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