Taxi fares and info - Istanbul, Turkey

General taxi fares

The starting fare is 2.05 YTL, and the taximeter then adds 1 YTL per kilometer. Tipping isn't mandatory, but always welcom (simply round off the fare to the nearest 50 kurus).

Be sure to notice the exact amount you give to the driver, and make sure you get the correct amount in change. The similarity between the bills often confuses tourists.

You should be aware that Istanbul taxi drivers are quite notorious for scamming their customers, with many tourists reporting about attempts to rip them off in various ways. Never accept set fares, but ask for the taximeter to be turned on. If the taxi driver refuses to do so, choose another cab.

Finding a taxi

Taxis can be hailed off the street, found at taxi stands or ordered by phone, e.g. by a hotel receptionist. However, try to avoid taxis waiting around the main tourists spots, as these are often especially keen on jacking up the fare.

Taxis in Istanbul are all yellow, and easy to spot in traffic. They also have roof signs with the text "TAKSI".


Airport taxi fares 

Istanbul Atatürk Airport - Central Istanbul:
Approx. 30 YTL.


Approximate taxi fares 

Sultanahmet - Taksim:
Approx. 7-10 YTL

Taxi companies in Istanbul 

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