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Taxi fares and info - Hong Kong, China

Finding a taxi

There are basically three kinds of taxis in Hong Kong, the red, blue and the green cars. The red taxis mostly serve Hong Kong Island and Kowloon, while the green cabs only drive within the New Territories. The blue taxis only serve on Lantau Island. There are taxi maps at the tourist offices that will help you pick the right taxi, but the main advice is to take the red cab when in doubt.

The Hong Kong taxi system generally works very well. The taxis are efficient, strictly monitored (very few scams) and with over 18 000 cars, they are to be found most everywhere. A "For hire" flag in the windshield or a lit rooftop sign will tell you if the taxi is available.

Taxis can usually be hailed from the pavement, although there are some restrictions on high-traffic streets. Taxi stands are also numerous. Many taxi drivers don't speak English, so getting your destination written down in Chinese is good idea before stepping into the taxi.


General taxi fares in Hong Kong

When the trip starts, the fare is HK$20, and increases by HK$1.5 every 200 meter. Every large piece of luggage that goes in the trunk is HK$5 extra. Tipping isn't mandatory, but most customers round up to the nearest HK$.

Hong Kong taxi prices tend to compare very well to other cities; Hong Kong was in fact recently deemed "The cheapest major taxi city in the world"!


Airport taxi fares in Hong Kong

Hong Kong International Airport (Chek Lap Kok) - Central Hong Kong:

Other approximate taxi fares in Hong Kong

Taxi companies in Hong Kong 

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