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Lisbon taxi fares and info

Finding a taxi in Lisbon

Taxis in Lisbon are cream white, with taxi signs on the roof. They can be hailed in the streets, or booked by phone (see contact details below). When the green roof light is lit, the taxi is available.

Taxi drivers in Lisbon are known for sometimes being less than honest. Before you step into the taxi, state your destination and ask for an estimation of the price. This reduces the risk of fraud. Also make sure the taximeter is on. If you suspect that the driver is over-charging you, ask for the receipt and the taxi´s number and contact the police.

General taxi fares in Lisbon

The taximeter starts at €2.50, and then adds €<0.10 for each 162 meter. At night, the taxis add 20% to the fare. Tipping is volontary, at about 10%.

If you bring heavy luggage, note that this might lead to extra expenses, as Lisbon taxi drivers add 50% to the total bill if your bags weighs more than 30 kilos (66 pounds).

Airport taxi fares in Lisbon

Aeroporto de Lisboa - Lisbon: €12, plus €1.60 for each bag.


Taxi companies in Lisbon

Radio Taxi
Tel. 21/811-90-00


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