Taxi fares and info - Toronto, Canada


Finding a taxi

There are plenty of taxis in Toronto, and you will almost always get a pleasant and safe ride. Many cabs are yellow, but they come in all colors, and are most easily recognized by the signs on their roofs.


General taxi fares

Taxi fares in Toronto are regulated, but not very cheap. For the first 0.235 kilometers you pay C$2.75, and then it's C$0.25 per 0,19 kilometer. You also pay extra for baggage, and for extra passengers.

You will sometimes be offered fixed fares, which might be a good deal if you are going long distances. Toronto taxi drivers usually will expect a tip of about 10-15% in addition to the fare.


Airport taxi fares

Toronto Pearson International Airport - Central Toronto:
C$: 50-60


Other approximate taxi fares


Taxi companies in Toronto

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