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Taxi fares and info - Madrid, Spain

Finding a taxi

Taxis in Madrid, the capital of Spain, are easy to spot, as all official taxis are white, with a red diagonal stripe across the front door. They are also easy to get hold of, although it might be difficult on weekends and certain holidays, and when it's raining.

Madrid, compared to other cities, has very few taxi stands; you just hail them from the pavement by waving your hand. You can tell which cabs are available, by a green light on the roof, and a green sign in the front window that says "libre". Most taxicabs will accept four passengers.

General taxi fares

Madrid taxis seem to have surcharges for mostly everything. You pay extra for each luggage item, to be picked up at the airport, to be dropped off at the train station, etc. Even so, taking a taxi in Madrid is still a quite economical choice, compared to other European capitals. Be sure that the taxidriver has the taximeter turned on, but also ask for an approximate price when you state your destination, to avoid getting ripped off.

The minimum taxi fee depends on the time of day, but is in the range €1.95-2.95. After that you pay about €1.10 per kilometer.


Airport taxi fares

Madrid-Barajas International Airport - Central Madrid:


Approximate taxi fares

Taxi companies in Madrid


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