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Athens, Greece - Taxi fares and info

Finding a taxi

Taxis are easily recognizable in the Athens traffic, as they are all yellow, with taxi signs on the roof. Despite this, they sometimes can be hard to find when you need them.

If you can't find a taxi, you can try to hail one that already has passengers. Many taxi drivers will pick up other passenger going in the same direction.

Most drivers have a basic knowledge of English.

General taxi fares

Taximeters in Athens start at €1, and runs on two rates, Rate 1 at €0.34/km and Rate 2 at €0.64/km. Rate 1 is for daytime trips within Athens city and to the airport, and Rate 2 applies at midnight - 5am, and outside the city.

The minimum fare is €3.10. Tipping isn't required.

Be sure to check that the taximeter is always turned on, and that the driver is using the correct taxi rate.

Airport taxi fares

Athens Eleftherios Venizelos International Airport - Athens:


Taxi companies in Athens

Ermis taxi service , tel. 210/411-5200

Radio Taxi Hellas, tel. 210/645-7000


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