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Taxi fares and info - Vienna, Austria


General taxi fares

Viennese taxis always should use the taximeter, which starts at €3.80. The kilometer price is €1.42, with slightly higher prices after 11pm, and on Sundays. A surcharge of €1 is added for extra baggage.

Finding a taxi

Taxis are easy to get hold of in central Vienna, at one of the city's taxi stands or outside hotels or train stations. Unlike in most other cities however, taxis can't be flagged down on the streets. When ordering a taxi by phone, a surcharge is added to the fare.

Taxis in Vienna come in all colors, and are simply recognized by their roof taxi signs. Beware of taxi drivers who won't put on their taximeters; never accept a set fare unless you know for sure that it's a fair price. 



Tipping is expected, but rounding up to the nearest euro is often enough.

Airport taxi fares

Vienna International Airport - Central Vienna:
Approx. €40


Other approximate taxi fares


Taxi companies in Vienna

Taxi 31300
Tel. 01/313 00

Taxi 40100
Tel. 01/40 100

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