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Taxi fares and info - Prague, Czech Republic

Finding a taxi

Finding a Prague taxi can be easy, but finding the right one might be a little more difficult. Many visitors to Prague report of scams and jacked-up fares. Taxis stopped on the street are in fact quite unlikely to give you a fair price, unless you are a very good negotiator, fluent in Czech.

Offical taxi cabs have roof signs, and the company name and license number should be printed on both front doors.

Taxis can be found at taxi stands or flagged down on the streets. Taxis ordered by phone are more reliable however, and also generally cheaper; contact information for the major companies are found below. 

General taxi fares


Airport taxi fares

Ruzyne International Airport - Central Prague:
700-800 Kc

Other approximate taxi fares

Taxi ride within town, average price: 150-200 Kc

Prague taxi companies


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