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Taxi fares and info - London, U.K.

General taxi fares

London cabs charge by distance and by time, and the taximeter starts at £2.20. The fares depend on when you take the cab, with different tariffs during the day.

Finding a taxi

London taxis can be hailed on the street, pre-booked, or grabbed at a taxi stand. Available taxis have their yellow TAXI light on the roof on.

London taxicabs are very easy to spot. These specially designed cars, Hackney carriages (or Black cabs, as they are usually called), are instantly recognizable, and stand out in the daily traffic.



Tipping isn't required, although some drivers may expect it. Just rounding up to the nearest pound is usually enough.


taxi london

London taxi sign

Airport taxi fares in London

Heathrow Airport - Central London:
About £45-60.

Gatwick Airport - Central London:
About £80-90

London City Airport - Central London:
About £20-35.

Stansted Airport - Central London:
About £80 (Has to be booked at the airport, as there is no taxi stand)


Other approximate taxi fares

A taxi ride of 2 miles, approx. 8-15 minutes:
About £6-11

Taxi companies in London

HBC Minicabs
Tel. 020 7482 115

Your London Concierge
Tel. 020 857 83189



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