berlin taxi fares
Taxi fares and info - Berlin, Germany


General taxi fares

The taximeter starts at €3, and then you are charged €2 per kilometer the first 7 kilometres, and then €1.30 for every further kilometer. All Berlin taxis tend to use the taximeter; fixed prices are rare.

Finding a taxi

There are over 7000 taxis in Berlin, which can behailed in the street, or picked up at a taxi stand across the city. Taxis in Berlin are comfortable, known to be safe, and a quite economic choice, compared to other European cities. Taxi drivers also generally speak English (at least to some extent).

Berlin taxicabs are easy to spot on the street, as they are all beige, very often Mercedes Benz, with a visible TAXI sign on the roof. With over 7000 taxis, they are also quite easy to get hold of.



To the fare, a tip of 5-10% is usually added.

berlin taxi fares
Berlin taxi signs

Airport taxi fares in Berlin

Schönefeld Airport - Central Berlin: €25-30.

Tegel Airport - Central Berlin: €15-17.

Taxi companies in Berlin

Taxi Berlin, international callcenter (speaks English):
+4930 20 20 21 22 0


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