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Taxi fares and info - Dubai City, Dubai

Finding a taxi in Dubai

Dubai taxis are usually easy to find, and can be waved down in the street, or found outside major hotels or malls. There are also more than 50 taxi stands all over the city. 

All taxis in Dubai are cream colored, with taxi signs on the roof. A red light means the taxi´s occupied, and a yellow light means it's available. Avoid getting into a private, unmarked taxis, as these are illegal and likely will try to scam you. Ordinary taxis are generally safe.

There are seven different taxi companies, all with their own roof color. There are also special taxis with pink roofs, with women drivers, especially designated for women passengers and mothers with young children. Women are otherwise adviced to choose to sit in the back of the cab.

General taxi fares in Dubai

Taxi prices in Dubai are standardised, at 1.60 dhs per kilometer with a minimum fare of 10 dhs. The taximeter starts at 3 dhs, except at the airport, where a surcharge of 20 dhs is added.


Tipping is not expected from the taxi driver, but welcome.

Airport taxi fares in Dubai

Dubai International Airport - Dubai:
40-60 dhs, including the 20 dhs surcharge.

Book a taxi in Dubai

Taxis can be booked from Dubai Transport,  tel. 04-2080808.

Taxi companies in Dubai

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