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Taxi fares and info - Budapest, Hungary

Finding a taxi

When taking a taxi in Budapest, be careful, as there are both honest and less honest taxi drivers. Only go with taxis with large company names and telephone numbers printed on the sides, and with yellow license plates. Unlicensed taxis should be avoided, even if they have a taxi sign on the roof.

There are taxi stands all over the city, but it's often quicker to call a cab, and you'll be sure you get the right taxi. Most telephonists also speak English, while many taxi drivers don't.

General taxi fares

Official Budapest taxis all use taximeters; if you can't see one or it isn't working, change cab as it's likely a scam. The fare should start at 300 Ft, and the taximeter then adds 220 Ft per kilometer.

Note that if your destination is outside Budapest city, the taxi driver add the return fare to the city limits to your bill. A tip of approx. 10% is expected.


Airport taxi fares in Budapest

Budapest Ferihegy Airport - Central Budapest : Approx. 3,500 - 5,400 Ft.

The fixed prices from the airport depends on which zone you are going to; tell your driver the adress before you leave, so you can agree on the price. Don't accept a taxi from anyone who's approaching you at the airport; go outside and pick a reliable cab outside the terminal instead.

Taxi companies in Budapest

FŐTAXI is the official transport partner of Budapest Airport, and a specialist in taxi transportation service. Főtaxi airport fleet consists of large, first class vehicles, all cars are equipped with credit card reader POS terminal, and the drivers speak at least one foreign language. When travelling in and around Budapest, you can also rely on the largest taxi company of Budapest.
Phone: +36 1 222 2222

6x6 Taxi
Phone: 1/266-6666

Phone: 1/233-3333.



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