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Taxi fares and info - Helsinki, Finland

Finding a taxi

In Helsinki, taxi's can't usually be stopped in the streets, as it's not mandatory for taxi drivers to pick up passengers. Instead, there are plenty of taxi stands all over the city, where the queues at weekend nights might be quite long.

Taxis can also be booked by phone, see contact details below. 

General taxi fares

Taxi prices are regulated by the Finnish government, and the starting fare is €5.30 at daytime, and €8.30 at nights and weekends. The standard kilometer rate is €1.39, and with more than two passengers, this rate increases to €1.67. There is also a surcharge for large bags (€2), and for taking a taxi from the airport (€2).

Helsinki taxis accept the most common credit cards.

Airport taxi fares

Helsinki Vantaa - Central Helsinki:
Approx. €30-40.

Taxi companies in Helsinki

Helsinki Taxi
Tel.:  0100 0700

Tel. 0100 7300


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