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Taxi fares and info - Malaga, Spain

Finding a taxi

Malaga taxis are easily recognized, as they are all white with a blue diagonal stripe across the front door. As the Malaga airport, the third largest in Spain, serves the tourist-heavy Costa del Sol region, there is never a lack of taxicabs standing outside the terminal. They are also fairly easy to get hold of in the city, at taxi stands or hailed from the pavement. The cabs are generally quite small, and can very rarely take more than 4 customers.

General taxi fares

The starting fare for Malaga taxis range from €1.30-2.00, depending on what day and time it is, and the taximeter then adds €0.75-1.10 per kilometer. The minimum fare for the ride is between €3.20 and €5.00.

Be sure that the taxidriver has the taximeter turned on, but also ask for an approximate price when you state your destination, to avoid getting ripped off.



Airport taxi fares

Malaga Airport - Central Malaga:

Malaga Airport - Puerto Banus:

Malaga Airport - Marbella:


Other approximate taxi fares


Taxi companies in Malaga


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