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Taxi fares and info - Stockholm, Sweden

General taxi fares

Taxi fares in Stockholm start at about 40 kronor, and the taximeter then adds about 11 kronor per kilometer, depending on what time it is. See below for typical fares.

Taxi fares in Sweden aren't regulated; it's up to every company to set their own prices. The main six or seven taxi companies have basically similar price strategies, but there are also smaller companies that tend to be much more expensive, sometimes by up to 100-300%.

The main advice is to only use the companies you know (or these mentioned below) to avoid getting ripped off. The larger companies are very unlikely to scam you in any way.

Finding a taxi

It's almost always easy to find a taxi in Stockholm, at least along the main streets. The cabs can be hailed from the pavement, or found outside hotels, train stations or at a taxi stand. Usual taxi cars allow four customers, but smaller taxi vans that accept 6-7 people are also fairly common.

Taxicabs in Stockholm come in all colors, but can be recognized by the roof taxi signs and yellow license plates.

Beware of which taxi company you go with, as some are considerably more expensive. Only travel with companies you know have fair prices, many tourist have been ripped off when unknowingly chosing a less serious company.

Taxis can also be booked in advance, by calling one of the taxi companies.


Stockholm taxi drivers don't really expect a tip, but most customers add 5-10%, or round up to the nearest 10-20 kronor.


taxi sthlm sign
A taxi sign of the company Taxi Stockholm


Airport taxi fares in Stockholm

Stockholm Arlanda Airport - Central Stockholm:
450-550 kronor


Other approximate taxi fares

Taxi ride within central Stockholm:
Approx. 150-200 kronor

Reliable taxi companies in Stockholm with fair prices

Taxi Stockholm
Tel: 08 - 15 00 00

Taxi Kurir
Tel: 08 - 30 00 00

Taxi 020
Tel: 020- 20 20 20

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