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Taxi fares and info - Oslo, Norway

Finding a taxi in Oslo

Taxis are usually available in Oslo around the clock, perhaps a consequence of the high taxi fares in this Norwegian capital. Taxis can be stopped anywhere, but there are also taxi stands, marked "taxi" or "drosje".

Oslo taxis have no specific colours, but are recognized by the white taxi signs on the roof, which are lit with the taxi's available. Norwegian taxi drivers speak English as a rule, and usually won't try to scam tourists.

General taxi fares in Oslo

All taxis in Oslo use taximeters. The taximeter starts at 30 NOK if you hail a taxi from the sidewalk, or 50 NOK if you book one by phone. After this you pay about 20 NOK per kilometer, and 7 NOK per minute. The minimum fare is about 80 NOK daytime, and 160 NOK at night.

Most major credit cards are accepted. In some taxis, the driver will ask you to swipe your card at the beginning of the journey, to validate you card. The card is then swiped again when you arrive, for payment.

The driver usually won't expect a tip.



Airport taxi fares in Oslo

Gardermoen Airport - Central Oslo :
Approx. 700 NOK. On nights and weekends approx. 900 NOK.

Taxi companies in Oslo

Norges Taxi
Tel.:  0800

Oslo Taxi
Tel.: 02323

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