Taxi fares and info - Singapore

Finding a taxi

With over 15 000 taxicabs, Singapore visitors will almost never find themselves stranded on the pavement. Taxis can be flagged down 24/7 almost all over Singapore, and there are also numerous taxi stands outside train stations, shopping centres, hotels and tourist attractions.

Taxis are cheap, efficient, air-conditioned and most taxi drivers are very service-minded. This all makes taxi a very popular form of public transportation in Singapore.

Singapore taxis come in all colors, and are recognized by their roof signs. Some taxis will have red sign in the front window; this means the taxi driver is leaving his hift, and is only accepting rides in this direction.


General taxi fares

All taxis use taximeters, and the fare starts at S$2.80-3.00. After that you pay 20 cents per kilometer. There is also a peak-hour surcharge in the mornings and evenings.


Airport taxi fares

Changi Airport - Central Singapore: 
$20-32 (takes about 30 minutes).


Other approximate taxi fares

Taxi companies in Singapore


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