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Taxi fares and info - Rio de Janeiro

Finding a taxi

Authorized taxicabs in Rio de Janeiro are easily recognizable, yellow painted with a blue stripe on the sides. Taxirides in Rio are generally cheap, so it's definately wise to pay a little extra for a safe ride. Never get into a taxi that you suspect isn't authorized.

Taxis can be hailed on the street, or found outside hotels, train stations, etc. There are also Radio Taxis, which can be ordered by phone and are air-conditioned, but also are about 20% more expensive. 

General taxi fares

Always check that the taximeter's turned on before you go, to avoid getting ripped off. The taximeter will start at R$4.30. Luggage that goes in the trunk is added to the fare. Most taxis are air-conditioned, and many drivers speak English. 


Tipping isn't customary, but rounding up the fare to the closest Real is always appreciated.

Airport taxi fares

Galeão International Airport - Central Rio:

Other approximate taxi fares

Copacabana - Praça XV, Centro:

Main bus station to Leblon:

Taxi companies in Rio de Janeiro


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